Fashion Forecast: Key Highlights for the Upcoming Season

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The season for faux fur coats and knee-high boots is almost over, and we’re all eagerly looking forward to what the spring/summer fashion season has in store. We’ve already had a glimpse of it in September when models graced the runway in shimmery metallics, elongated waists, and dreamy sheers just to name a few. Here’s a collated list of some of the season’s top trends that you should look out for to keep your wardrobe fresh.

Blooming Touches
The beauty of the rose and its symbolism never grows old and neither does our love for this magnificent flower. Designers like Simone Rocha, Balmain, and Rolf Ekroth showed up on the runway with exaggerated rose prints, embellishments, and appliques as a nod to this eternal symbol of love. When choosing women’s date night clothes this season, consider embracing the timeless charm of the rose in your outfits to bring out the romance.

Dropped Waists
The waistline has touched varying heights over the years, from low-rise and mid-rise to high-rise and super high-rise. With the revival of Y2K fashion, we had the opportunity to show off our sculpted waists throughout the previous season. This time, our waistbands continue to go lower as designers show favor for elongated torsos with figure-hugging dresses stretching down to flowing skirts and maxi skirts touching newer depths.

Island Chic
Even though we yearn for blue skies and warmer temperatures now, we’ll soon be out chasing island adventures in the tropics, sipping on pina coladas, and relishing in the coastal breeze. While you’re there soaking up the sun or lounging on a beachside hammock, don’t forget to carry your tropical cover-up because this island motif featuring palm leaves, vibrant hibiscus flowers, and mouth-watering fruits is still in the game for this season.

Olympic Metallics
Athletes are all set to stretch their limits at the Olympics this summer and so is the fashion world with metallic ensembles inspired by the medals. Rich golds, shimmery silvers, and deep bronzes were a noticeable fashion trend on the runways as renowned designers such as Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen stole hearts with ensembles reminiscent of the Greek goddesses.

Sculptured Volume
Artificial Intelligence may be a revolutionary technology transforming industries but human imagination and creativity are still unmatched. As if in a rebellion against this relentless march of digitization, designers are pushing their limits by playing with materials, lengths, and shapes. Fabrics are being crushed, twisted, and molded into voluminous shapes and exaggerated lengths as a response to our growing fascination with AI.

Slashed and Open Work
As if in preparation for the heatwaves this year, ready-to-wear spring fashion is leaning toward cooling open-work and slashed designs consisting of pom-pom dotted mesh, fine nets, and latticed shell designs as seen in the collections of Bottega Veneta, Proenza Schouler, and Valentino. Slashed and shredded designs are taking over simultaneously in the shape of fabric spilling out of cut-outs and rows of slashes stacked together.

Sheer Separates
Translucent, see-through clothing is going bolder this season with an almost transparent appearance as a reflection of designers’ pursuit of capturing a sense of weightlessness. As the designers at Prada, Saint Laurent, and Sacai are chasing the freedom of gossamer and floaty curtains of sheer fabric draped in exquisite ways, we see celebrities fuelling the trend in the form of see-through separates.

Skirts & Dresses Over Trousers
Some love it, others hate it, but it’s an undeniable fact that this notorious trend from the ‘00s is having a moment again this season with fashionistas and designers alike layering their dresses and skirts on top of trousers in artistic street style ensembles. If you want to give this trend a chance yourself, the beginning of spring is the best time to rock it.

In Summary
We’re all anticipating the start of the upcoming season so we can embrace the emerging fashion trends. From the enchanting allure of blooming roses to deconstruction through artistic slashes, the fashion forecast promises a delightful blend of romance and rebellion. This is a good time to take stock of your wardrobe to see how you can reinvent yourself for the season.

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