Tips for Creating an Ocean-Themed Kid’s Room

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Transforming your kid’s room into an ocean-themed wonderland will create an enchanting atmosphere to excite, captivate and stimulate their mind through a multitude of colors, textures, and sounds.

Studies have shown that a child’s experiences and exposure in the first eight years of life lay the foundation for their behavior, learning, and functioning within society. Picking a fun theme to provide that stimulation will make your child’s learning and development phase more enjoyable and memorable.

Here are seven tips to help you dive into creating that cozy and comfortable space for your kid to thrive in.

  • An Ocean-themed Color Palette

Start by selecting colors that echo the ocean, be it a soft aquamarine or a strong navy blue that connects to the sereneness of the sea. You can then add accents of beige and brown to mimic the sand and driftwood that frame the open waters. Finally, consider adding a pop of color to evoke the corals and the vibrant aquatic life encompassed in an ocean; these can include pinks, greens, yellows, and a plethora of other colors that fit into your preferred aesthetic.

  • Oceanscape Murals and Decals

Get the kids in on the action by having them help with creating a mural wall. Depending on your aesthetic you can choose to create an entire underwater scene replete with coral reefs, schools of fish, and large aquatic animals. Conversely, you can also choose to focus on only one of these aspects, if that ties more cohesively into the overall design of the room. Even if you are not artistically gifted, fret not, this is just as easily achievable with the right stencils and non-toxic spray paints.

However, a simple way to create a beautiful wall display is with decals. You will get a variety of elements to pick from and even if you can’t find a specific image most printers will make it for you. They are easy to apply and a fun activity to do with the kids. Best of all, they’re even easier to remove, making it a breeze to revive the room a few years down the line or even as your kid’s interests evolve and change.

  • Nautical-themed Furniture

Add furniture pieces that incorporate the ocean like a bed shaped like a boat or add seashells as the knobs of the doors and dresser, or a fish net canopy for the bed.

The nautical theme is all the rage these days and not just in the kids’ section. It’s quite easy to find pieces made from materials like distressed wood, wicker rattan, and white-washed furniture that will give the room that rustic, calming vibe.

You can also add DIY touches like photo frames made out of upcycled driftwood, repurposed bottles filled with fairy lights, and much more.

  • Themed Lighting

You can add light fixtures that mimic the ocean such as light shades in the shape of shells, ships, starfish, jellyfish, and other aquatic elements.

A fun element that can be added is a ceiling projection display. This can be set up to be an underwater scene or a glowing cave so as your kid looks up at the ceiling at night it feels like they are looking through the ocean. Or, you could set it up to look like the night sky complete with constellations which doubles as a fun but educational activity you can enjoy with your child.

  • Nautical or Aquatic-themed bedding and linens

Depending on the design of the rest of the room, you pick out bedding, curtains, towels, and other linen featuring ocean elements. Add a few cute, quirky, and funny stuffed animals with an aquatic twist to the bed and set your kid on a journey of exploration every night!

  • Seaside Reading Nook

You can create a fun learning space within the room with a dedicated reading or playing nook. Create an enclosed space with a sheer canopy, a hammock, or a beach umbrella. Add a plush rug with a comfy chair and fill the area with cozy floor cushions, beanbags, and a few knickknacks. Put in an ocean-themed bookshelf and fill it with an array of books, games, and toys so that you have a dedicated space where your kid can hang out either on their own, with you, or even with their friends.

If the room features a bay window you can also build a replica of a ship’s cabin and create a cozy feature for them to step into and let their imagination run wild!

  • Ocean-based Accessories

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

Accessories are everything, they serve to tie various aspects together whether in a room, a home or an outfit.

An aquatic-themed or shaped clock, a few different compasses, vintage maps, a seashell display, and ocean-themed lamps are all interesting additions to the room.

If you want to add a more personalized touch adding a DIY element is a great option. Imagine collecting seashells with your kid on your latest beach vacation and then using them to build a seashell wind chime for their room, this creates a special element with a story and memories attached to it.

Creating a themed space for a kid is a wonderful way to spark their imagination and creativity. By incorporating these tips and ideas you can transform any space into a magical ocean-themed wonderland that will pique your kid’s interest in everything aquatic. From DIY pieces to reclaimed furniture to designer pieces and personalized elements this transformation can be done on any budget and irrespective of the space!

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