Transform Your Kitchen with Smart Storage Solutions: A Guide to Essential Accessories

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Chocolate chip cookies are on the menu, which means you’ll need your mixer, large bowl, and baking sheet. The problem? You feel like you’ll have to turn your kitchen into a dig site just to find these essentials beneath the clutter of pots, pans, appliances, and dishes. You’re ready to give your kitchen an organization overhaul this spring.

Smart thinking. Research shows that individuals who believed their houses were orderly had less cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, and felt more energized than those who viewed their homes as cluttered.

How can you make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing and functional? Let’s explore how to transform your kitchen with smart storage solutions.

1. Be Flexible

Adjustable shelves are one of the best ways to maximize your kitchen cabinet space by customizing your storage configurations. Position these shelves at various heights to fit items of different shapes and sizes. These shelves are perfect for storing pans, pots, dishes, and tall appliances in a way that suits your unique needs. You can finally stow that little-used blender, stand mixer, or food processor in your cabinet instead of your countertop, freeing up your countertop for food prep.

2. Look Up

Upper cabinet box solutions are another excellent way to create additional storage room for kitchen items you use seasonally or infrequently. These boxes, which go above your existing kitchen cabinets, can easily accommodate a big serving dish, holiday tableware, or specialty cookware. This leaves more room in your drawers and lower cabinets for your daily kitchen essentials, allowing you to access these items more easily.

You’ll also love the fact that upper boxes can create a more streamlined look in your kitchen by allowing your cabinetry to flow to the ceiling. This is aesthetically pleasing and can make your kitchen feel and appear more spacious and elegant.

3. Push For Pull-Outs

Wall or base pull-outs can feel like a godsend for home chefs seeking to make their cabinet space more efficient. These kitchen accessories provide effortless access to items like spices, sauces, and other bottled or jarred items while you’re whipping up your signature dishes. Use a wall pull-out to hold and easily grab your ground coffee can, pepper, or jar of salsa. A base pull-out can accommodate your coffee creamer, honey bottles, or cans of your favorite soup.

4. Stack ‘Em Up 

Stackable dividers and bins are exceptionally useful for generating separate compartments in your cabinets. Use the bins to store canned goods, snacks, and your smaller kitchen gadgets, like your apple slicer, cheese grater, and more. Dividers can be handy for separating baking sheets, pans, and plates, allowing you to retrieve these items without disturbing other items you don’t need.

5. Chip Off the Old Block

Use knife blocks to hold your knives and free up your drawer space for other items. Knife blocks offer other benefits, too: They can keep your knives’ blades enclosed, preventing the accidental cuts that may occur if you reach for utensils in a drawer containing knives. Blocks can also help maintain your knives’ sharpness by keeping the blades from becoming damaged or scratched. They additionally provide convenient access to your knives, enabling you to rapidly find the perfect knife for a given task (e.g., a large chef knife for slicing meat and chopping nuts, or a small paring knife for coring tomatoes and deveining shrimp).

6. Get Hooked

The area beneath your cabinets is excellent kitchen real estate that homeowners often overlook when seeking extra storage. Use hooks designed to go underneath your kitchen’s upper cabinets to maximize your vertical space by hanging small utensils (e.g., whisks, serving spoons, or spatulas), cups, and mugs. They’re another excellent way to free up drawer or shelf space while keeping these items easy to reach.

7. Get “Lazy”

Your kitchen’s corner cabinets are the ideal place to add a new lazy Susan. This turntable makes it easy to reach items stored in the back part of a cabinet, preventing you from uncomfortably reaching and rummaging through your items. Homeowners typically rely on these rotating platforms to store their small jars, spices, and condiments.

8. Roll With It

Are you utilizing every space available in your kitchen, even those that seem awkward? Chances are there are underutilized spaces you’ve overlooked, like the spaces between appliances and the gap on the side of a counter. For instance, you may be wasting space between your pantry and refrigerator or between your stove and a wall. These areas are prime spaces for narrow rolling carts, which can serve as extensions of your kitchen countertops. Use these slim cars to hold small appliances, cutting boards, trays, and baking sheets. Since they have wheels, you can easily move them around as needed to transport or access items while cooking.

9. If Walls Could Talk

Don’t ignore your walls. They’re wonderful spaces for holding your favorite kitchen items. Pot racks can go on walls above stoves to keep cookware within reach and keep drawers and cabinets less cluttered. These racks not only offer convenient storage but also can make homes look more decorative and put together.

Floating shelves can go on your kitchen walls, too. Use these shelves to store utensils you need regularly, cooking oils, and spices. This leaves more room on your countertop to cook and serve food.

Upgrade Your Kitchen’s Look and Feel With Smart Storage Today

Creating more space in a cluttered kitchen can feel like a chore, but with customizable storage options, it doesn’t have to. Solutions like stackable dividers and bins, lazy Susans, and hooks that go beneath your cabinets can significantly free up space around your kitchen and make your often-used items more accessible. Knife blocks, pull-outs, adjustable shelves, and cabinet boxes can also make your kitchen feel less cluttered and more efficient. Consider all the above-listed smart storage solutions to transform your kitchen into a more enjoyable and easier-to-navigate space in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

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