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Winter Party Glam: Dressing to Impress in the Cooler Months

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Winter’s layers may weigh you down but they’ll never bury your glam. And when it’s time for a party you can dress to impress without drowning your shine! You can, indeed, be warm and glamorous too.

Dressing to impress in the frosty, cold months is all about styling, smart deployment of color, and layers that create a sleeker silhouette. Let’s look at alchemizing winter party glam in trendy, cool-weather fashion that lets your style shine through.

Accessories: Total Winter Party Glam 

Nothing changes an outfit’s style message more than accessories. A pop of color around the neck, a slash of leather around the waist, and your “blah” winter outerwear is suddenly a winter fashion statement.

Let’s see how accessories can elevate your winter party look, with color, texture, and fashion focus.

Winter Hats

Beanies have a place in the style universe but they’re certainly not the only winter hat out there. And in winter, hats are your friends as most of your body heat exits through the top of your head. So, hats are more than fashion – they’re winter survival gear!

Parties are for making an entrance, so make yours count in a felt cowboy hat. You’re toasty and on-trend with this year’s Western look leading the way. Or choose the classic romance of the French beret in a color that signals your intent to party. Either way, you’re on fashion fire and snug as a bug, even when your coat comes off!

A brightly-hued gentlemen’s top hat becomes a seriously stylish women’s hat with the addition of a feather and grosgrain ribbon. Just add sass to be the glamorous life of any winter party! A fedora sends a message of pulp fiction intrigue with this dash of borrowed menswear. 

Hats make a bold statement when you find one that suits your aesthetic. Try this guide to find the perfect style for your face shape. Worn with conviction, a hat is a versatile accessory that adds glamor to any look.

Scarves That Do More Than Keep You Warm

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Winter scarves wound around the neck or looped and tucked in the front of your coat are a serious styling opportunity. With one scarf, you can create numerous looks, especially when that scarf offers a colorful contrast to winter outerwear’s typical drabness.

Worn over the shoulders, with the ends tucked into a wide belt, you earn a layer that keeps your shoulders warm. With a turtleneck or cowl neck sweater that tones into your scarf, you’ve got a cohesive look in three easy pieces.

When it’s time to remove your scarf, throw it over one shoulder, using the belt from your outerwear to cinch your sweater. Then, tuck the front end of the scarf through the belt. Winter party glam has arrived!

Or fill in the neckline of a party dress with a wool-silk blend pashmina in a bright paisley, pinning it with a brooch at the neck. You’re cozily warm, while endlessly elegant.

All Style, No Bulk: The Bag

What would winter party glam be without the perfect bag? Leave that tote at home. All you need with you are the bare essentials when you’re off to a party! A belt bag adds a touch of insouciant chic to any winter outfit. Sporty and compact, it’s worn either around the waist or slung across one shoulder.

How you wear it is up to you. Switch out your belt and throw on a belt bag to achieve the snatched waist you want, wearing the bag to one side. Or sling it over your shoulder for a punch of stylish vigor. You get extra points for embellished bags in unusual fabrics, colors, and textures, like faux fur or rhinestones!

Not Your Mom’s Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are a part of casual living that people are unwilling to part with. Genuinely viewed by fashionistas with no little suspicion, we’re not talking about your mom’s sweatshirt.

But mom sweatshirts have a punch that’s party-worthy when you style them with the accessories we’ve talked about above. Wear your sweatshirt big and slouchy with leggings and boots or cropped and layered with a tunic underneath. Belt it loosely with a mini skirt and patterned tights, with leg warmers or thick socks peeking over the tops of mid-calf boots. Or choose booties with layered socks, leg warmers, and tights. That’s doing layers right!

Throw a lightweight baseball jersey over your sweatshirt and snatch it with your belt bag for a street-level look, worn with jeans or track pants. Wear a cropped sweatshirt with flowing, silk pants and the latest kicks. Whatever you choose, a sweatshirt brings effortless style to winter party glam that’s as relaxed as it is razor sharp for a style tension that sizzles.

Photo by Max Harlynking on Unsplash

Finish With Glam Winter Makeup

Glow and glitter are not the same thing. So, unless your party’s at the disco, focus on a glow that radiates healthy winter chill. Achieve the look with a luminizer, followed by your foundation, a dusting of bronzer, and crisp, simple eye makeup look. A slash of creamy, snow-melting red lipstick completes your winter party glam makeup with a bold statement. Winter won’t stand a chance!

Winter party glam brings light to the short, cold days of winter, warming it with style that intrepidly meets the weather head-on. Own your winter party look with the full force of glamazonian chic!

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