5 Gas Grill Accessories You Need to Up Your Grilling Game

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Gas grilling is fun and can be even more enjoyable with the right accessories. Great tools will make grilling easier and the results more professional.

But there’s no need to stock up on every single accessory in the market. There are some you need right now, and a few that can wait for later. In this blog, we’ll list the ones you should probably get right now for a fun, superb grilling experience.

Let’s go!

A Fish Turner

Don’t like fish? Skip this point. (Just kidding.)

You might be surprised by this grilling tip, but a fish turner isn’t only for fish. It can be used for anything you’re grilling, whether fat burger patties or whole chicken.

The argument is a fish turner (also called a fish spatula) is the only spatula you’ll ever need. Let’s face it. You don’t have enough space for all the spatulas your heart wants. If you had to decide on one, let it be the fish turner.

A fish turner is a one-size-fits-all grilling accessory. It can slide neatly under the thinnest pancakes and lift and turn hefty whole chickens. Its super-thin, sharp edge and solid, thick handle make it great for all types of grilling.

Don’t have a grilling spatula yet? Still using the old black plastic turner you’ve had forever? It’s time to go shopping for a fish turner.


Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Tongs are great because they allow you to move your hotdogs or vegetables around the grill with ease. They’re versatile and make the grilling experience so much easier and more fun. (Imagine a life in which you have to handle everything with a spatula.)

That said, there are a ton of tongs you can choose from in the market. Some tongs are made of metal, while others are made of wood. There are 6-inch and 16-inch tongs. You wouldn’t want to overcrowd your grill station, so follow this guide when selecting a pair of tongs:

  • Short-length tongs. While long tongs look fancier and make you feel safer away from the fire, go for the shortest tongs you’d be comfortable using. In the long run, short tongs give you the control you want, whether you’re grilling hefty slabs of beef or flimsy vegetable kabobs. 
  • Tongs with a locking mechanism. You don’t want your tongs yawning open in the storage drawer. Get tongs you can lock and neatly store away until the next use. 
  • Tapered heads. You want a firm grip on your food when grilling. Tapered grill heads allow for more bite and less slipping. Say goodbye to patties falling to the ground when you have your tapered tongs. 

BBQ Grill Brush 

No one wants a gunky grill. Nothing ruins grilling fun like leftover crusts turning to ash on the sides. While you’re at it, add a BBQ grill brush to your gas BBQ accessories shopping expedition.

When choosing a grill brush, it’s a good idea to go with hard wire bristles. This will keep your grill brush from bending while you scrape away those stubborn scraps. Two or three rows of bristles will make cleaning a less frustrating experience.

Also, look for a plastic handle that’s comfortable to hold. You wouldn’t want your fingers to ache as you scrape away at the gunk from last night’s grill party. 

Instant-Read Thermometer

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels

When grilling, you want your food to cook at a safe internal temperature. Not all food should be cooked at the same heat. For example, you want a higher temperature for fowl and a lower one for pork chops.

To ensure you’re always cooking at the right temperature, get an instant-read thermometer. The best ones on the market have a digital display, so you can read temperatures at one glance.

Grill thermometers now come with a wide range of great features. They can switch from Fahrenheit to Celcius with a press of a button. Their splash-proof bodies keep them nice and clean while you grill. They also have a wide temperature reading range, usually from 50 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meat thermometers are designed to help you say goodbye to over or undercooked food. 

Grill Basket

Don’t want to eat too much meat and no greens? It’s time to add some nice diced vegetables to your platter during the next barbecue. With a grill basket, cooking all kinds of veggies will become as simple as tossing your favorite mix into the trays.

Grill baskets are great because they prevent your vegetables from getting burnt on the grill. With a basket, they get optimal heat and air circulation without the charring effect of the flame. Grill baskets allow your veggies to keep their flavor and color, while giving them that smoky flavor you love.

Gear Up with the Best Gas Grill Accessories

Gas grilling is a fun way to spend afternoons with the whole family in the backyard. But it can become tedious work when you don’t have the right accessories to grab and use.

Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to buy every gas grill accessory. To start, grab a fish turner, a pair of tongs, a cleaning brush, a thermometer, and a grill basket. Your gas grilling will be much more convenient with these helpful tools at your side.

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