Best Glock Accessories You Need While Traveling

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Traveling is a fun experience for many. However, emergencies do arise, and it’s always best to be prepared. Your car could get a flat tire or develop a mechanical problem in an isolated and dangerous area. A lot could go wrong as you wait for help or try to fix the fault. Muggers could attack you, or wild animals could come too close for you and your family’s comfort. Although we hope this never happens to us, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for when it does. One of the best prepper tips for roadside emergencies is having your firearm with you. If you own a Glock, here are the best accessories to safely and lawfully move with it within and across states. 


A Comfortable Holster

A holster is among your most essential accessories if you’re going for concealed carry. The market has many types of holsters. The one you choose will depend mainly on your personal preference. You must only ensure it fits you comfortably and securely holds your gun. 

If you have a larger pistol like the Longslide Glock, you may want to get a drop leg or shoulder holster. These will conceal your gun better, reducing the chances that a potential attacker will see it. Besides, having a long pistol on your waist as you drive can be somewhat uncomfortable.

This is a must-have if you’re traveling to a range in a different town. Competitions like 3-Gun require moving around a course and cycling three guns at various game stages. Holsters are the only accessories that allow you to hold several guns on your waist and safely draw and re-holster them.  


A Well-Fitting Belt

As vital as your holster is, it won’t help you much without a belt. In addition to securing your pants on your waist, a belt provides a convenient platform to holster your gun. A quality belt will evenly distribute the weight of your Glock, giving you great comfort as you move around. 

Although manufacturers make gun belts with this purpose in mind, your regular belt could also hold your holster. You only have to test and feel comfortable with your weapon on. Also, it needs to be flat enough to subtly hold your firearm without drawing too much attention to it. It could be wide or narrow; that all depends on your taste. Simply choose a belt that suits your style and fits well so you don’t compromise on your look to carry your Glock. 


Concealment Clothing

In addition to a belt and holster, you need attire that perfectly conceals your weapon. Many imagine that only loose and baggy clothing can hide your firearm. Others believe you must have a particular concealed carry attire to carry comfortably. While these are true, not every person wants to go about their errands looking like a military man simply because they have carried their Glock. 

If the baggy look matches your style, then go for it. If it doesn’t, you can find several other clothes with better fit that will serve you just as well. While picking the appropriate concealed carry clothing, consider comfort, your body type, and ease of access to your gun.  Men can wear concealed-carry, button-up, tactical, or cargo pants. Women can go for shorts or leggings paired with loose tops or get a concealed carry purse. 

If you move around with your gun for protection, you’ll likely have it on you for most days of the week. You don’t want to have the same boring look every time you carry it. That could even discourage you from leaving your house with a firearm when you clearly need it. Find something that works, and get plenty of pairs to play around with whenever you travel with your weapon.  


An Extra Magazine and A Magazine Pouch

An unloaded gun will neither help you at a range nor in self-defense. Although most state codes require you to keep your weapon and ammo separate while traveling, you must still have enough ammo nearby. Most Glocks have a single magazine, which holds enough rounds for most self-defense situations. However, it’s always great to have a second magazine to quickly replace the primary one should it run dry. 

You should have a magazine pouch for easier access to your secondary magazine. It keeps you prepared and makes reloading your gun faster even if you’re caught up in a situation outside your car and you can’t rush back to access your ammo can. Again, the gun industry offers many types of magazine pouches. Finding one that suits your taste won’t be a problem. Some people find it easy to attach a pouch to their belt, while others prefer a speedloader. Whatever works for you, always ensure you have extra ammunition when you travel. 


A Glock Cleaning Kit

Your Glock needs to be well-maintained for long-term reliability and function. You can have a gun cleaning kit at your house and clean your gun before you travel. However, if you leave in a hurry or are going away for a while, always have this accessory with you. It will ensure every part of your gun works well and you don’t have any trouble firing. A pistol that is fouled up or too dry might not be easy to use in a tense situation when you need to act fast. That beats the whole purpose of moving with it for self-defense. 


Safety Glasses

Your safety glasses are essential if you are going hunting or headed to the range. In both cases, you will shoot targets above your head, and there’s a high likelihood that some debris will fly into your eye. The hot gas your gun produces when you fire it could also get into your eyes. In an unanticipated self-defense situation, you will likely not have your glasses on unless you have worn them as part of the day’s accessories. Most of the time, nothing will happen if you fire a gun without glasses in such cases. However, having glasses on guarantees that nothing will harm your eye due to a shot you fired. If you can, always have a pair in your car. 


A Gun Safe

Whether at home or in the car, a responsible gun owner should always ensure their gun is stored safely. Gun theft is a sad reality in America. It is presently the leading source of stolen firearms in the US. On average, someone loses a gun from their car in America every 15 minutes.

If a thief accesses your licensed pistol and uses it to commit a robbery or murder, you may waste a lot of your time battling a suit. Depending on the circumstances, you could even be put behind bars. Besides, your kids could take out your gun and toy around with it when you’re grabbing snacks from the car. One accidental trigger pull could end a life very dear to you. Get yourself a gun safe and protect yourself and the people around you when traveling with your Glock. 


Wrap Up

Traveling with your pistol is a huge responsibility. Be sure to invest in appropriate accessories. There are many other items that will make it safer and more comfortable to travel with your Glock. Our top seven is a starting point that we encourage you to build on as you get used to moving around with your weapon. 

Also, every industry is moving towards sustainable technology. In the spirit of responsibility and environmental mindfulness, you should consider acquiring sustainably manufactured gun accessories. Safeguard the environment as you protect yourself.

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