Festival Fashion Gift Ideas for Men

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With festival season drawing near, it’s time to start thinking about fashion gift ideas for the festival-going fellas in your life. Some of them appreciate the freedom of the festival experience as a chance to get their self-expression on. Others are less inclined to commune with their inner peacocks but still want to fit into the festival vibe by looking their grooviest.

And that’s where you come in! Your gift of fashion to the festival-going man or men in your life might be the start of something beautiful. So, check out these hot festival fashion gift ideas for the festing fellas you know and love. Give them an injection of flair for the wild abandon looming on the horizon!

Dress for Excess

For the gentleman festival dandy, dressing for excess is the rule, not the exception. These guys are right on top of the trends, rocking the fest in the full extravagance, demanded by the setting.

Where these committed men are concerned, only the exotic finery of men’s festival pants will do. Made in superb holographic and other reflective fabrics, these pants challenge both sunshine and lasers to a duel. Comfortable and breathable, this is sexy apparel made for hours of ecstatic dancing.

Who needs a shirt? Just slap on the flashiest kicks, a sun visor, and a feather boa. He’ll be so lost in the groove, that he won’t notice the sun going down. Help your festival fella live out his wildest fantasies with a key piece of festival fashion that’s all about the rush of dressing for the groove!

Accessories to Increase the PLUR

Photo by Stephen Arnold on Unsplash

Accessories are one of the most important elements of personal style. While fashion may provide the silhouettes of the season, personal style defines the agenda. And festivals are an ideal place to use accessories to full effect.

One great way to add texture and interest to a festival look is with a thigh bag. Find one in a holographic or colored metallic fabric to add practical style to your look, protecting your valuables while adding luxe detail to your festing look. Worn around the waist, then attached to the leg by straps, this look is cool and hands-free! The lucky man you give this to will want to wear it all the time!

Festival jewelry for dudes is anything loud, proud, and impossible to ignore. Body jewelry for men can be worn on bare skin or over clothing, bringing a touch of jingling glamor to any male festival look. Worn over the chest or around the hips, there’s nothing hotter. Heating up runways in 2020 and 2021, men’s body jewelry is now a fixture at festivals and raves and a gift he’ll treasure.

Up On Your Head

Day or night, your head is a site of festival fashion opportunities! From dayglo hair extensions to funky hats, slick fades, and fantasy headpieces, the sky’s the limit for options to dress up the head at a festival!

Your festival-crazy dude might dig a hair makeover, using temporary hair color. The effect is amazing, without the commitment! Or, fit his head with a unique headpiece. Festival headpieces can be anything from horns to a Steampunk top hat to goggles!

If the festival happens during the day, things can get pretty hot out there, so why not regale him with a hat he can rely on to keep him cool in the sun? A practical topper won’t bring the party down but heat or sunstroke certainly will!

Follow the Leader

Men can get in on the Bohemian trend scheduled to rock festivals this season by channeling their inner Harry Styles. Styles is the acknowledged leader in men’s fashion, unselfconsciously breaking the gender barrier, just as David Bowie once unabashedly did. In fact, Harry Styles has single-handedly redefined men’s clothing for a new era. So, give your festing male friend a healthy dollop of leading-edge style that follows this iconic fashion leader.

Harry Styles has popularized crocheted clothing for men, and this year, you’ll find crocheted granny squares printed on polo and button-through shirts. An ideal festival fashion gift, a crochet-print shirt can be worn over board shorts or meggings. Add a faux fur vest and several strands of pearls, a la Harry. Or, go retro with velvet or holographic flares. Just add Birkenstocks and socks for the happiest (and trendiest) festival feet around!

Coordinate Him

Photo by Michael Kessel on Pexels

The coord trend continues in 2024 with patterned sets for men and women moving into the festival space. These distinctive coordinated sets, made from intensely colored and patterned fabrics, were created to disrupt. Get disruptive with accessories (oversized for men this year) and other clothing pieces in contrasting patterns and colors to update your coord look for festing.

Worn as they are, coords are impactful enough for festivals, while offering carefree dressing that brings the noise without a lot of planning or fuss. Travis Kelce, Super Bowl man of the moment—and Taylor Swift’s latest love interest—is deeply tuned in to the coord look, showing up regularly in boldly patterned suits and coord separates.

The beauty of dressing your festival-loving buddy is that it’s hard to go wrong. The fashion freedom of festivals is to be enjoyed to the fullest, so give him a reason to celebrate. Give him outrageous festival fashion that grooves hard!

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