Top Springtime Fishing Destinations: A Guide for Anglers

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Every year, well over 50 million Americans go fishing at least once. Some of them head out on summer fishing adventures, while others wait until winter to do ice fishing. You’re welcome to fish whenever you would like throughout the year (as long as the species is in season), but spring is one of the best times to fish in various places around the country. Here is a list of the top springtime fishing destinations for anglers.

Panama City Beach, FL

Several destinations on this list won’t be all that warm when spring starts, but that won’t be an issue when you plan a fishing trip to Panama City, FL. The temperature routinely climbs into the 60s and 70s in the city throughout spring and provides the perfect setting for fishing. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the weather while fishing for everything from redfish and speckled sea trout to cobia and pompano in the warm waters on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

Destin, FL

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Panama City Beach isn’t the only city in Florida you should consider when you’re planning a springtime fishing trip. Destin, FL, which started as a small fishing village before eventually blossoming into one of the best places to fish in all of Florida, will provide you with plenty of opportunities to fish for snapper, barracuda, mackerel, and more. Destin also has gorgeous white beaches for those who want to get some rest and relaxation between their fishing outings.

Hammock Coast, SC

Situated between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, Hammock Island, SC, provides some of the best fishing in South Carolina. Just off the city’s breathtakingly beautiful coastline, you’ll be able to fish for a variety of different species, including redfish, tarpon, flounder, seabass, amberjack, and more. You’ll also get the chance to go deep-sea fishing when you travel a little further from the coast, which will enable you to fish for tuna, wahoo, and mahi mahi. If you decide to go in this direction, it may be worth investing in dredge bars to make the most of this experience.

South Padre Island, TX

Look at any list of the top spring break spots in the U.S., and you’ll likely find South Padre Island, TX, somewhere on it. Its tropical weather and vibrant nightlife have attracted college students to it for years. The area also routinely attracts anglers who pack up their fishing rods and angling accessories to flock to all the fishing holes in and around it. It’s the only place in Texas where you can fish for snook in addition to tarpon, redfish, red snapper, and more.

Portsmouth, NH

Remember how we mentioned that not all springtime fishing destinations on this list were going to be in warm-weather places? Portsmouth, NH definitely falls into this category. Unless you wait until late spring to go fishing in this port city when the temperatures will begin reaching the 60s, you’ll probably find yourself fishing in near-freezing temperatures at times in this area. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from considering it as an option since it’ll allow you to fish for species that spend the spring in the nearby Piscataqua River. Bluefish, flounder, and Atlantic pollock are just several types of fish found in this waterway.

Catalina Island, CA

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As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, many of the best springtime fishing destinations in this country are situated on the East Coast. There are, however, some excellent fishing hotspots out west as well. Fishing in Catalina Island, CA, for example, will put you in a prime position to catch an assortment of different kinds of fish right from the coastline. You’ll be able to reel in calico bass, white seabass, tuna, yellowtail, and other fish you might not always find when fishing in other parts of the U.S.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

Every angler should try fishing in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, which is located in the southern part of Mississippi, at least one time in their lives. It’ll let you drop a line into the Mississippi Sound, which is not far from the Gulf of Mexico. When you fish here in the springtime, in particular, you’ll be able to catch redfish and speckled trout along with kingfish, amberjack, and cobia in some of the deeper waters just off the coast.

Start Planning Your Springtime Fishing Trip Today

Whether you decide to head to Panama City, FL, to fish this spring while on a vacation or choose to travel to Catalina Island, CA, for a fishing adventure, you’ll be able to fish for so many species throughout your trip. Select the city that appeals to you most based on your fishing experience, and start the spring fishing season off strong this year.

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